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Embracing Fall

I enjoy the sun shine and heat of summer as much as the next person. I feel the damp and cold of the other seasons and cringe at the thought of trudging through snow. I miss my flip flops and water activities. However I do my best to feel blessed that I live somewhere where I get to experience the changes of all four seasons and I try to see and appreciate things about each one. With Fall comes beautiful colors, warm cozy sweaters and my favorite jeans, daytime bonfires, curling up with a good book or watching a movie without feeling like I should be outdoors, the smell of the falling leaves and rain, the sound of rain while I lie snug and warm in my bed, trail hikes with the opportunity to catch beauty on camera, the extra hour of sleep that I get when we turn our clocks back. I'm embracing Fall and the changes that come with it. Are you?

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