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The most asked Question!

The question I'm most asked is how does oneI build self-confidence? The answer can be different for everyone and it's not usually one specific change that builds our self-confidence but rather a variety of changes that can all work towards feeling better about ourselves. Here are some suggestions for working towards being your best self and feeling good about who you are. Avoid making impulsive decisions or reacting without thinking first. When we make quick decisions they aren't always good ones and then we feel poorly about ourselves. Take a minute to think about your response and the choices you're about to make. Ask yourself - do they align with who I am, will I regret this decision later? When you wake up in the morning avoid the urge to stay in your pajamas or wear comfy clothes. Looking good is feeling good. Eat healthy and exercise. There is something about good physical health that impacts how we feel about ourselves. Challenge yourself sometimes. Do things that seem hard or are outside of your comfort zone. When we challenge ourselves we feel proud of ourselves when we accomplish what we set out to do or even that we tried! Give yourself a weekly goal list to accomplish and get it done. Keep people in your life that are positive, encouraging, and lift you up. If you have people that are negative in your life or make you feel negative then reevaluate the relationship and it's importance and set and maintain boundaries. Do small kindnesses and gestures for others regularly. Tell someone they are important to you, point out an outfit that looks good or a new haircut, drop a card in someone's mailbox to let them know you're thinking about them, make a small donation to a cause. Making someone else feel good makes us feel good too! Be accountable for your actions and mistakes, make it right the best way that you can, and then forgive yourself. Forgive others for their mistakes. Holding on to anger or negative feelings only harms ourselves! WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES. Be okay with saying no to someone if what they are asking makes you uncomfortable or will create too much stress in your own life. Live in the moment and at the end of each day reflect on all the good moments not the bad ones. Acknowledge your strengths, what are you good at. We all have weaknesses - ignore them - embrace and use your strengths instead. Don't view what you haven't accomplished as a failure, it's just something to try again at later.

Happiness and confidence are the most beautiful things you will ever wear!

If you hear a voice within you saying you can't do something, do it anyway and the voice will be silenced!


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