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We are in the throws of winter - Mother Nature has served us with the constantly changing temperatures including some of the coldest we've seen and in between the cold days there are dumps of the white and fluffy stuff - Lots of it!!! During the winter months the days are darker and keeping motivated can be difficult. How does one stay motivated, what can one do to stay active and healthy in the winter?

I myself find it difficult to stay motivated. There is nothing appealing about heading out after work in the dark and cold to head to the gym and not being a fan of the cold, outdoor activities have little appeal. So what do I do - I push myself out the door even though I don't want to and go to the gym. I remind myself that once I'm there it's not so bad and after a workout I always feel better. I try to get outside at least a little bit and bundle up so the cold is less unbearable. I make self-care an even bigger priority, eating healthy, getting proper sleep, and taking vitamins can make all the difference in how I feel. I take time out to watch a movie or read a book that makes me smile and laugh. I book indoor activities that replace the joy of outdoor activities in the nice months. I do things like escape rooms and indoor obstacle courses or plan game nights with friends. Keeping active and staying focused on my well-being makes the winter pass by quickly. Before you know it the snow will be gone and the warmth of the sun will reach us.

Mother Nature, How could you???

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