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Tis' the season for SAD

This time of year many people start to feel the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Fatigue sets in, energy and motivation is zapped, and mood is low. Very much like depression it can be difficult to manage every day tasks and responsibilities and can affect our relationships and daily life. It is believed that SAD is caused by a decrease in exposure to light. There are many things you can do to help alleviate the seasonal blues during the long fall and winter months. There are medications that can be helpful and light therapy is often used in treatment. It also can be helpful to exercise, eat healthy, and get proper sleep. Take your vitamins every day, especially vitamin D. Bundle up and get outside - take a short walk in the daytime and soak up what light there is. Do some mindful meditation or attend a yoga class. Speak to a counsellor about how you're feeling. The winter seems never ending but it will come to an end and Spring and Summer will return!

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