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Take charge and make change!

The other day one of my loved ones was making an exchange with someone else. The someone else asked - "What's new?" The response was full of negativity -"Nothing is new. What would be new? Every day is the same. I work and I sleep. Nothing changes." This exchange festered within me until I made the decision to address it. I told this person that if he was bothered by the mundane of his life than he should do something about it - take action - make changes. You are the Captain of your life. I know that change can be extremely difficult and sometimes it's lack of motivation, sometimes it's fear, sometimes it's just not knowing what exactly it is that we want or feel there's no time for the good stuff. Change is work. All

of us feel moments - some brief and some lengthy - where we're unhappy with the way things are. We go through life working, paying bills, taking care of loved ones. It can be hard to see through the tasks of everyday and find our way to loving life. For those of you who come to counselling this is an act of taking charge and making change. You are taking steps to making things better. WELL DONE!

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