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It's a hard thing to do

Why is it difficult to ask someone for help? We all need help from time to time and most of us are more than willing to offer up help to those who need it. So then why is it so hard - when it's our turn to need a little help - to ask for it? Why is it easier to be the giver of help than it is to be the person who could use a helping hand?

There are a few reasons that people find it difficult to reach out to others - asking for help is admitting that we need help - that we aren't strong enough to make it on our own. It can make a person feel weak and inadequate to admit to needing help. Another reason is fear - fear of how other's will view us when we admit we need help. Will they see us as weak? Will they judge us when they know what the problem is? Will they see us differently then they did before? Once I ask for help will they reject me - will they refuse to help leaving me feeling worse than I do? Will they tell others about my problems? Everyone will know and my shame will be public!

By asking for help there is an opportunity to grow, learn, and heal. Asking for help is a step forward in the direction you want to go. In counselling you can ask for help safely and without judgement.

If you know someone who needs help - make it easier for them - don't wait for them to ask - offer them some help!

We could all use a little help sometimes!

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