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Baby it's cold outside has been banned from several Canadian radio stations. I have to admit - this is one of my favorite Christmas songs. I wonder if as a society we over analyze things. Are we actively seeking to find things that may or may not offend people? Is it necessary to remove things from our history to please people in the future? Does this constant searching and reevaluating cause more anxiety in a society that already suffers deeply with mental health and anxiety. Are we going too far in the opposite direction? In my opinion- we are. How can we enjoy movies and books like fifty shades and then condemn a Christmas classic like Baby it's cold outside. Why can't we decide as individuals what we will or will not listen to. If we find something offensive than we can choose not to take part in it. Is it not our right to choose for ourselves. People are now hyper aware and over reactive. Last year throughout the holiday season Starbucks decided not to have a festive coffee cup. This was done because in the past holiday cups offended those who do not celebrate Christmas. Making the switch to a plain red cup was suppose to keep one and all happy and assure that no one was offended. However - instead of achieving this, many become outraged and shared openly their disappointment with the plain red cup. How dare they take away the festive cup! The point - never will you be able to please everyone. IT'S JUST A CUP and IT'S JUST A SONG and not worth creating a frenzy of anxiety about!!!

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